CERC 2023 Paper Awards

The Best Presentation Award will be given to the authors which will be selected by the award committee among the papers presented at CERC 2023 and applied for the award. The conference award committee will be supported by the international scientific committee and its reviews and advices. Study’s relevance to the conference’s scope, its scientific contribution, writing/presentation style will be considered in the evaluation process.

Best Presentation Award

The Best Presentation Award of the CERC 2023 conference goes to:

The Management of Migration at the Border : Accessing the Territory and possible Consequences of Irregular Migration.

by Linda Cottone

Improving Multiclass Classification of Cardiac Arrhythmias with Photoplethysmography using an Ensemble Approach of Binary Classifiers

by Katharina Post, Marisa Mohr, Max Koeppel, Astrid Laubenheimern
CERC 2023 Paper Awards
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