Session Schedule

Thursday, September 10, 2020

09:00Welcome and Opening
09:15Keynote Ingo Stengel on »The Impact of European GDPR on Research«
10:15Coffee break
 Morning Session 1
10:20   (Thursday, September 10, 2020)
Internet of Things, Networks and Robotics
Chair : Haithem Afli
 10:20Spatial Mapping for Visually Impaired and Blind using BLE Beacons
Alan McGibney, Roman Pospisil, Kevin O’Mahony, Juan Francisco Martinez, Susan Rea
 10:45SenseBot: A Wearable Sensor Enabled Robotic System to Support Health and Well-being
Luigi D′Arco, Huiru Zheng, Haiying Wang
 11:10SDR Demonstration System for the Investigation of Cooperative Communication and the Scaling Behaviour of MANETs
Mus′ab Yüksel, Milenko Starcik, Florian Hofmann, Raphael Rolny, Marc Kuhn, Michael Kuhn
 11:35A new metric for assessing the performance of 2D Lidar SLAMs
Bingxin Zi, Haiying Wang, Jose Santos, Huiru Zheng
 12:00Possibilities for software development for energy-limited constrained devices
Mario Hoss, Jens-Peter Akelbein
 Afternoon Session 1
13:00   (Thursday, September 10, 2020)
Data Computing and Artificial Intelligence
Chair : Huiru (Jane) Zheng
 13:00Online News Analysis on Cloud Computing Platform for Market Prediction
Claudia Juarez, Haithem Afli
 13:25Common sense validation and reasoning using Natural Language Processing
Shrenik Doshi, Praveen Joshi, Haithem Afli
 13:50FZKPs: Does This Make The Cut?
Stavros Kassaras, Leandros Maglaras
 14:15Application of statistical functions for microstructure characterization and determination of elastic properties of ceramic foam
Vinit Vijay Deshpande, Romana Piat, Andre Weidenmann
 14:40Automatic Error Detection For Image To Text Tools
Suzanne Considine, Haithem Afli, Andy Way
15:05Coffee break
 Afternoon Session 2
15:15   (Thursday, September 10, 2020)
Visual Computing and Data Analytics
Chair : Ingo Stengel
 15:15Integration of Pattern-Based Learning Management Systems with Immersive Learning Content
Michael Winterhagen, Dominic Heutelbeck, Benjamin Wallenborn, Matthias L. Hemmje
 15:40Visual Dashboards in Trend Analytics to Observe Competitors and Leading Domain Experts
Lennart Sina, Dirk Burkhardt, Kawa Nazemi
 16:05Emerging Knowledge Extraction and Visualization in Medical Document Corpora
Christian Nawroth, Marc Herrmann, Felix Engel, Paul Mc Kevitt, Matthias Hemmje
 16:30A Holistic UX Methodological Framework for Measuring the Dynamic, Adaptive and Intelligent Aspects of a Software Solution
Vivien Johnston, Michaela Black, Jonathan Wallace
 16:55A Conceptual Architecture for AI-based Big Data Analysis and Visualization Supporting Metagenomics Research
Thoralf Reis, Thomas Krause, Marco X. Bornschlegl, Matthias L. Hemmje
 17:20Chatbot based Behaviour Analysis for Obesity Support Platform
Yanxin Wu, Ryan Donovan, Binh Vu, Matthias Hemmje, Haithem Afli
17:45Closing remark for first Day

Friday, September 11

09:00Welcome and Opening
09:05Keynote Peng Shi on »Formation Control for Multi-agent Systems: Modelling and Analysis«
10:10Coffee break
 Morning Session 1
10:15   (Friday, September 11)
Nature Science and Societal Challenges
Chair : Stefanie Regier
 10:15Escaping the Everyday Chaos: Assessing the Needs for Internal Knowledge Transfer in SMEs via an Escape Room
Irina Ehrlich, Michael Filipenko, Tanja Kranawetleitner, Heike Krebs, Robert Loew, Diana Pistoll, Julia Thurner-Irmler
 10:40Detecting Sarcasm in News Headlines
Onyinye Chudi-Iwueze, Haithem Afli
 11:05Determining Elastic Properties of Particle Reinforced Polymer Composites by Numerical Modeling of their Microstructures
Pascal Alexander Happ, Timo Bensing, Simon Terwolbeck, Katharina Malek, Martin Moneke, Romana Piat
 11:30Millennial’s CSR Perception, Social Influences, And Intention to Buy Social Responsible Products: A Conceptual Framework
En-Chi Chang, Stefanie Regier, Ingo Stengel
 11:55Algorithm for Emissivity-Corrected Pyrometry Independent of Material Properties
Denise Reichel
 Afternoon Session 1
13:00   (Friday, September 11)
COVID-19 Research and Smart Healthcare
Chair : Udo Bleimann
 13:00Exploratory Gait Analysis using Wearable Technology
Richard Davies, Paul McCullagh, Huiru Zheng, Joan Condell
 13:25Understanding the Impact of COVID-19 on Behavior Changes and Decision Making of Chinese Students and Researchers in the UK
Hui Yang, Huiru Zheng, Xi Liu
 13:50A Close Look on the Corona Impact on Surveillance Radar Channel Loads
Roman Raekow, Michael Kuhn, Bernd-Ludwig Wenning
 14:15Wearable Gait Analysis – stepping towards the mainstream
Philip Morrow, Huiru Zheng, Graham McCalmont, Haiying Wang, Sally McClean
 14:40TeleStroke System (TSS)
Rishabh Chandaliya, Praveen Joshi, Haithem Afli
15:05Coffee break
 Afternoon Session 2
15:15   (Friday, September 11)
Business and Society
Chair : Robert Loew
 15:15Requirements for payment systems in e-commerce from the retailers′ perspective
Elisabeth Zuyeva, Ingo Stengel, Stefanie Regier
 15:40An Innovative IoT Based Financing Model for SMEs
Marcel Kehler, Stefanie Regier, Ingo Stengel
 16:05Operational Management of Data Centers Energy Efficiency by dynamic optimization -Based on a Vector Autoregressive Model- Reinforcement Learning(VAR-RL) approach
Yang Hai, Truong Van Nguyen, Youngseok Choi, Mohammed Bahja, Habin Lee
 16:30Determinants for the adoption of Regulatory Technology (RegTech) services by the companies in United Arab Emirates: An MCDM Approach
Mohamed Muzammil, Nitin Simha Vihari
 16:55A Future Prospect for European Collaboration on Advanced Analytics in Economy and Society
Nicola Below, Dirk Burkhardt, Lukas Kaupp, Kawa Nazemi
17:20Coffee break / Best paper award & best presentation award voting
17:30Conference award and closing ceremony